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Tehsil Gonda, District Gonda, Uttar Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bharat
Gonda (Devanagari: गोंडा) is a city and a municipal board in Gonda district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is situated 125 km north east of the state capital of Lucknow.
The territory covered by the present district of Gonda formed part of the ancient kingdom of Kosala . After the death of Rama, the celebrated sovereign of the Solar line of kings who ruled the kingdom of Kosala. The Putrayeshti yajna that was performed by the King Dasharatha for the birth of Lord Rama and his three brothers was performed in this region. According to the legend in the region here was the Goshala (cow-shelter) of the King Dasharatha and it has derived its name from that.
It has also played a great part in the Indian struggle for independence. Many people from this region have laid their lives to the service of nation, many leading operations during freedom struggle were executed from this land.Maharaja Devi Baksha Singh ,a Bisen Rajput, fought bravely in 1857.after a long battle with British, he escaped to Nepal. Freedom fighters like Sh. Chandra Shekhar Azad and his friends had taken shelter and been working from there. One of our greatest freedom fighters Rajendra Lahiri was incarcerated and hanged in the Gonda Jail.
The foundation of the present town has been credited to Man Singh, a Bisen Rajput, who lived in the early reign of Mughal Emperor, Akbar. Since the last 'Raja of Gonda' joined the Indian Rebellion of 1857, the state of forfeited and given to Ayodhya Estate. It became a municipality in 1869 and in 1901 had a population of 15,811. Attractions Swami Narain Chhapia, Paska (Sukar Khet), Varahi Devi(Uttari Bhavani), Prash, Tirrey Manorama, Prithvi Nathan Mahadeo, Jhali Dham, Parvati Mahadeo, Colonelganj Sakraura.
Gandhi Park in the city here is the first LifeSize statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the whole Asia was established in is made of white marble.

Paska (Sukar Khet) This place is situated at the river bank of Saryu about 45 km southwest from district head quarter.The site is ancient fame for "Sangam Asnan" and one month Paush Kalpwas which occurred in month of Paush. A large number of devotee's takes holy dips in Saryu here for Mukti of 'Pashu Yoni'. It is also believed that God Varha have taken Avtar here. It is said an old temple of Lord Varah was built here in 9th century.

Swami Narain Chhapia It is situated at a distance of 50 km from the district head quarters. The chief interest of the place is the temple of Swami Narain,This place is famous as birth place of Saint Sahjanand.His devotees as an incarnation of Lord Krishna under the name of Swami Narain. The temple which is built of stone. It is now being converted in Marble.

Varahi Devi About 6 km in east from Paska another ancient place of Varahi Devi known as Uttari Bhawani.An old temple of Devi Bhagwati attract a large number of devotee's here,here image of Aadi Shakti Varahi is related with shakti of Varaha in Paska.

Prash This place is in north of Saryu & situated in Tehsil Tarabganj. The place is related with ancient Saint Parashar, grand son of Bashishtha & son of Sakti. It is said his mother's name was Adrishyawanti. A temple in his memory is situated here.

Prithvi Nathan Mahadeo

At a short distance in south of Kharagupur old temple of lord Shiva is situated. Legend relates it with Mahabharat. This area was then known as Pancharanya.

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